Chronic Illness and Friends

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Where do I start? Well my name is Tricia Carter, and I was born with Crouzon's Disease and Apert's Syndrome. Some doctor's say no you can't have 2 at the sametime well I can tell them they are wrong. I have bone problems and that's from the Crouzon's and I have web feet and web hands along with my fingers. It's what my parents used to call for my hands was duck feet. Yes, go ahead and laugh. But I can say this I am glad that the Lord didn't go all the way with the web thing. I have seen so many little kids that don't have any fingers or toes. And that broke my heart into a million pieces. I'll never forget that day I went before a very important surgent that was going to do my surgeries. There was a big long hall way full of kids me and 3 other kids got to go in and see him and I was very lucky too all of the other kids got to go home and not get picked or anything. That sucks!! But anyway...I have had 21 surgeries all on my head and face. They broke my jaw twice, took 2 ribs and made chick bones, a big hung of my hip and used that to fill in my face, like my forehead (which I didn't have, cleft palate, and eye sockets) I have to tell you that I was depressed growing up because I couldn't understand what was going with me. And my parents was getting a divorce and for the longest time I thought it was me because of the way I looked and all of my problems but that wasn't it it was because my daddy was running away from the Lord. The Lord was calling him to preach and he didn't want to do that he rather be a deacon then a preacher. So...And I wanted to kill myself because I was having pressure in my head and my head doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me. At the time we lived a small town called Barstow, CA and I had my head surgeries done in San Diego, CA in Sharp Hospital. The pressure was so bad and we knew the preach of the church that we were going to so the end of the church time the pastor told all of the deacon's to join him in his office and boy you talk about there were alot of men there you couldn't see the walls. Even though I was sitting down I couldn't see anything. And they put their hands on me and almost every one of those men had prayed that night it took along time before we got out of that church. We headed home and were in a car accidented and there was a Angel in the car with us. I thought it was my mama but she said she was trying to control the wheel. But the Angel was pushing my close to the door because I wasn't suppose to move my head around too much (If I did I would have died right then and there). I was suppose to wear a football helmet but I didn't like them or I was suppose to wear a seat belt and no I didn't want to do that either. We almost flipped over but we didn't we were on a side of a hill and when we got done with everything we were facing in the wrong direction. And the traffic was so bad we were lucky that we didn't hit anybody or anybody hit us. It was awful..There is more to tell..

If you know anybody that knows anything about writing a book. I need help. I am wanting to write one I have the before and after pictures of my plastic surgeries...I need help...There is more to come...And this is all for real...If you want to know the doctors that did my surgeries I'll be more then happy to tell you and I can tell you where I had my surgeries done. I know sometimes there is people out there that they would lie there way through. I totally understand that. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask anytime and you can email me too.


Here is Part 2. I had to go through alot of test before having the first plasic surgery just to make sure I was ok and that I was in good heath at the time I was hey I was like 10 to13. My parents went through a divorce a very long divorce and I was still facing my surgeries. At times I didn't want to do them because I felt that my parent's divorce was my fault because of the way I looked. Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time I knew the Lord and so did my family. But it seemed like everybody was going in different directions and I couldn't understand. I was very young and scared. On my first plastic surgery. They told me that I might be blind or I might have to wear glasses and I told the doctor that I wanted to wear glasses if he could make that happen. If I come out of surgery I might not be able to walk. Yeah, I was scare to death. They are telling me this and they turned around and asked me if I was ok. Well duh!!! I wasn't ok. But I started thinking about the ones that were with me and the ones that are thinking of us and most of all my church. I was suppose to stay in there for while. I think it was called Recovery End and I was suppose to stay in there for 1 to 2 weeks. That didn't happen at all. Remember this was my first big surgery. This is the one where they took my ribs, hip bone, and broke my jaw. They transfered me to ICU and I was suppose to stay in there for 2 weeks and that didn't happen and I was transfered to a regular room and stay there for 6 weeks and that didn't happen either. I checked out 2 weeks before I was suppose too. The doctor that did my surgery he couldn't understand it. He saw me after surgery and told me that it might take awhile for everything to heal and I told him I know. The people that includes the mothers and fathers and nurses and doctors they would watch me and I will never for get this one time. I had to go to the bathroom right. I can't do the pan thing so..Yes, I got up and it was like 1 day after my surgery I grabbed the IV and went talking to the bathroom my mom was standing next to the little curtain and she would peak in and to see if everything was ok and I was fine. Then when I was done I walked back and you could hear a pin drop that's how quite it was both times. Going and Coming. But here is one most important thing that I will never ever forget. Some of you might not believe it but it did happen. A week before the surgery I was getting scared and my mom could tell and she told me that the Lord will be with me all the way and yes I did believe her. And I also believe the Lord too. I had a very real dream. I heard the Lord speaking to me. I couldn't see His face or His hands even though He tried to show me His hands they were too bright for me to really see them. But Him and I took a walk and He showed me around. I got to see the Pearly Gates, the Streets of Gold, and I got to see the Living Water. I still get cold chills when I think about that all over again. The Lord told me that when I wake up from my surgery I would know that He was there. And boy did I ever. My hands were hurting and He was right. Also I had a Pastor that I was close too he also promised me that he would be there too but the Lord took him away. And I was down. But I knew that both of them were there. My hands were brusied and the doctors couldn't figure out what had happened.. I told them that my Lord and my Pastor was holding my hands. But back to the dream. Once the Lord had showed me around I got to sit next to Him and He told me that I am going to be ok. I am going to be sore but I am going to be alright. And that morrning I woke up I told my mom and she started crying. She wanted me and many others wanted me to share my testmony. I was able to go through the other 2 surgeries. I don't know if I told you this but I have died on the table but the Lord wasn't ready for me just yet. And I am still ready to go home but still He isn't ready for me. I know that I am here for a reason and boy I sure would like to find out what that reason is. But the Lord will tell me in His own time. I am wanting to write a book. But I just don't know how. I need help.

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