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Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Depression, Self-Esteem, Headaches, Soreness, Fibro. and Carpoll Tunnel, Laughter, Fun, Friends, and Smiles


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    Please pray that I can get this website up and running. It has up dated and a lot of things has changed. Thank you everybody.

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Hello, My name is Trish/Tricia. I would like to start a Little Chat Room. We can talk about anything you want. When you come to Our Website you won't get any Bullying, Any Hard Times, and etc. 

We have different pages and they are: Blog, Guestbook, Prayers, Members, Photo Album, I can't remember all of them. But you can see what I'm talking about. Nobody in here is Perfect!!! The only one that is Perfect is our Heavenly Father. 

Enjoy body is more than Welcome to come in and join us and see what you think of it. Have any questions or any thoughts. Even if you want to change something on the Website please ask away. I might do it. It even might even better what we have. I'm open for anything. I want to bring people back here again. So please feel free to email me anytime. Here is my email address [email protected] 

Here is a story about, "My Life Story." There is a continuation. But never fear I'm always near. I also have other Websites too. It's been awhile since I have done anything. But I'm back for a little while anyway. 

I truly hope you have enjoyed this website. If you have please pass the word along. Who knows what might happen. I'm wanting to write a book. But I'm nervous and scared. But I really want to do it. But first I need to get out of here in the State of Texas. I need no humity and I need nice cool weather all the time inside and outside. 

Please keep me in your prayers. As I keep you in my prayers also.

There is a continuation 

Come and check out our chatroom!!!